during the holidays in Spain

What to do, what to see during the holidays in Spain


Going on vacation is not just about taking breaks and staying idle in another place different from everyday life. It is just as much about discovering new traditions and cultures, practicing unusual activities, discovering beautiful corners, visiting museums and monuments as well as learning new things. Spain is quite the corresponding ideal destination for this. With the help of this article, discover the places to see and visit in this country  Visit my site: https://eiretrip.com/.

Discover Madrid and its wonders 

holiday in Spain always begins in the city of Madrid. The passage in this city is not obligatory for any visitor, but for information, Madrid is the best place to know the great admirations of Spain. It is a dynamic, elegant and diverse city that can be explored on foot or by motorized vehicle depending on the preferences of visitors. In Madrid, the main site to visit is the Royal Palace because it is one of the most important monuments in the country but also one of the most impressive in the city. After the Palace of the Orient, move on to the Prado Museum to discover the finest works of Spanish art such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. Madrid is also home to a rather simple but beautiful place, the Templo de Debod.

Being on a hill, the old Egyptian temple offers its tourists one of the best views over Madrid. The Spanish city also has lively and busy places like the Plaza Mayor. It is a vast square lined with art shops, good restaurants, bars and cafes. Apart from trade, it is also a place to see the statue of Philip III and to admire small street performances. Among the things to discover in the city of Madrid, Tapas is one of the recipes that you absolutely must taste. Madrid is a holiday destination where you will have so many activities to do.

Visit Toledo , the historic city with vibrant landscapes

A few dozen kilometers from Madrid is the magnificent city of Toledo. It is known for its surprising history, but also for its monuments of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures. Among its many monuments, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo is one of the most unmissable. It is a fine example of the imposing Gothic architecturesfrom Spain. Also in this city, you will come across the Alcazar, a majestic fortress containing exhibits retracing the glorious history of the Spanish Army and Roman and medieval remains. To spend more time in Toledo, you can visit El Greco Museum, Teatro de Rojas, Monastery of St. John of the Kings and also San Servando Castle. The city of Toledo is quite the place to hear new stories.

Explore the extraordinary architectures of Bilbao  

Just a little north of Spain is Bilbao, a city that has so much to offer its visitors. In Bilbao, you never get bored thanks to its incredible modern architecture. The Guggenheim Museum, is one of the most impressive structures in Bilbao. Outside, he exhibits a magnificent and quite cute sculpture, the puppy in flowers, and a prodigious work in metal, the Spider. Although Bilbao is a modern city, it has retained the charm of its old town in the Las Siete calles district. In this district, you will simply find everything you need in its shops, restaurants and cafes. You can also take quiet jaunts through Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park and Mount Zubizuri. Nothing you will miss on your family vacationor as a friend in its Spanish cities.

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