reasons to visit Brittany

8 reasons to visit Brittany


Located on the north-west coast of France, the region of Brittany is only a short ferry ride from the UK, but it has a unique Celtic-influenced culture and way of life that makes it are clean. This beautiful part of France has something for everyone, from couples looking for romance to families looking for fun in the sun.Here are eight reasons why you should book a stay in our family villas in Brittany…

2800 km of magnificent coastline

As a coastal region, Brittany can boast of having 2800km of incredible coastline, with landscapes ranging from isolated islands to rugged pink granite formations and dramatic high cliffs. There are several resorts that are perfect for families, each lined with sandy beaches.

 Delicious seafood

With such a long coastline, Brittany is naturally home to some of the tastiest seafood in the world. At low tide you can even collect your own seafood, which is a popular pastime in Brittany. If you want a dish cooked by professionals, try the famous seafood platter, or opt for a hearty bowl of mussel marinières.

Historic monuments

After Paris, Brittany is the largest region in France when it comes to historical heritage – it is home to over 2,900 protected monuments, which is perfect for those fascinated by history. Choose from fortified towns like Saint-Malo, medieval castles like Fougeres, or a visit to the historic capital of Nantes , among other historic attractions.

 Hiking and cycling

For those who like to be active, it is easy to explore Brittany on foot or by bike. Cycle through the apple orchards or along the Côte Sauvage coastal path, or go hiking in the Brocéliande forest or on the moors of the Monts d’Arrée: the choice is yours! Renting a car in Brest is the best solution for visiting Brittany. To find out more, click on this link: .

 bird sanctuaries

With its some 800 islands and islets, Brittany is home to several species of birds that you will find difficult to observe elsewhere. Get off the beaten track and take a boat out to sea, you’ll find a plethora of birds there, especially around the Iles de Bréhat, Ile de Sein, Ile de Batz, Belle-Île and Ile at Les Moines in the Gulf of Morbihan.


We’ve already mentioned seafood, but there are plenty of other cuisines to enjoy in Brittany. There are restaurants for all budgets and appetites, and if you fancy a sweet snack you can also stop at one of the many creperies you will find in the area.


Become one with the water and enjoy high level sailing in Brittany, where it has always been a very popular pastime. Most seaside resorts have yacht clubs where you can rent equipment and take sailing lessons. If you prefer a slower pace, you can navigate over 600 km of canals and rivers. If you prefer to watch the professionals in action, Brittany also hosts several boat races and regattas throughout the year.


The mild climate of Brittany allows you to go there all year round. In summer, temperatures are pleasant (20-25°C), while in winter they are between 8 and 15°C. Its positioning with the Gulf Stream also allows Brittany to avoid harsher weather conditions than those of French regions located further north.

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