gemological journeys

Names of precious stones: gemological journeys


In order to discover precious stones, the gemological journey will be the ideal experience. It offers you an opening on the profession of gemologist as well as on the different cultures of the countries crossed, and makes you enjoy a real moment of sharing and conviviality.

What is a gemological journey?

The gemological journey is an excursion aimed at the exploration and discovery of gems. Thus, you survey the mines in search of precious stones. You will also meet traders and learn the techniques and processes by which diamonds and precious stones are traded. You will learn more about the customs duty concerning precious stones. The gemological journey allows you to meet stonemasons. Thus, you will know more about the techniques of heating and cutting gems. This is a complete journey allowing you to discover different aspects of the profession of gemologist and to learn more about precious stones.

How to make a gemological trip?

A journey of sharing, knowledge, discovery and openness awaits you, but how do you achieve it? In order to make a complete gemological journey and truly discover all the aspects and specificities of gemology, you will need to make sure you are surrounded by competent people. The gemologists who accompany you will be your guides on this cultural journey . It is therefore a question of ensuring their knowledge as well as their expertise.

To carry out a gemmological trip in good and due form, favor clear and transparent explanations on the destinations, the objectives, the activities, the group, … Or the organization of this trip. You must be certain that you can truly discover the characteristics of gemology. In addition, each country offers different specificities. These are therefore complementary destinations. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the fact that all the fundamentals of gemology cannot be covered in the same trip. It is therefore up to you to prioritize the destinations that interest you according to the opportunities offered in order to organize your various stays.

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