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Holidays in the mountains: chalet or apartment


During holiday periods, the choice of where to stay is always studied in advance by families to provide them with comfort and safety. Thus, for stays in the mountains, the options are nowadays numerous between classic hotels, apartments or even chalets. But what are the advantages of each? Here is some information to help you see it more clearly.

1. The chalet to blend in with the decor

With their beautifully thought-out wooden structures, the chalets are constructions that perfectly blend with the natural environment and the environment. In the mountains, living in a chalet means literally blending into the scenery to be able to take full advantage of nature and its diversity. This is particularly the case of chalet rental in Chatel France, which can be found on this page , with all the formulas available.

And not only in their architecture and in their locations in the hollow of the mountains, these wooden houses also devote a deep respect to the environment. They also favor an ecological way of life which is favorable to its location in the mountains. Already, wood happens to be a natural thermal insulator but in addition there is a significant reduction in energy consumption thanks to the use of renewable energies.

Finally, it is totally beneficial for vacationers! Since on vacation, we are looking for comfort and a little warmth, the chalets, because they are made of wood, offer this friendly atmosphere that makes stays so pleasant.

2. The apartment to keep your lifestyle

On the other hand, safety is an essential criterion on vacation. There are people who need to keep their lifestyle in order to fully live the few days in the mountains. If you are one of them, renting an apartment is the most suitable option. It is indeed to keep a city spirit while being far from the routine and the frantic rhythm of the city. The apartments thus have solid infrastructure, made of stone or brick, but this in no way detracts from their charm in the mountains.

In this category, there are many accommodations that reflect your image. All you have to do is enter the criteria on several dedicated sites and find satisfaction: number of rooms, type of heating, living area… everything is fully taken into account. Note that the apartments differ from the chalets in their capacity.

Whatever your choice, the most important thing is to satisfy your tastes and desires. However, some advice will also be useful to you, such as seeing the details of the accommodation that can make your stay even more exceptional. So, be sure to consider the distance between your place of residence and the various activity and leisure centers, restaurants… In your homes, comfort equipment is more than essential in case the heat would arise or the snow would have accumulated: DVDs and videos, board games or even the Internet are welcome. Last but not least, you will need to verify access to your accommodation. In summer as in winter, the ideal is to access your home as easily as possible, whether by car or on foot.

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