Sydney Travel Tips

Top 8 Sydney Travel Tips


Sydney boasts an abundance of attractions for visitors of all kinds – from world-famous restaurants to gorgeous beaches – giving something for everyone in Sydney.

Sydney is ideal for sightseeing between October and March when temperatures are warm and sunny, making for ideal sightseeing conditions. However, crowds can become problematic during this period; so to avoid being part of this phenomenon try visiting Sydney during weekdays instead. Cathay pacific offers numerous flights you can use, including Tel Aviv to Sydney.

1. Plan your itinerary

As Sydney offers so much to see and do, the best way to truly experience it is with a local guide. A local can give you advice about where the best places are for dining, drinking and sleeping based on your personal interests.

On your first day in Sydney, it is advised to stay close to your accommodation and explore Circular Quay to save on transportation costs. Be sure to purchase an Opal card before venturing out so that you can take full advantage of Sydney’s fantastic public transport network.

If walking isn’t your thing, take advantage of Sydney ferry rides for an idyllic journey across the harbour. A ride can also help to ease jetlag.

After exploring Sydney all day, visit Bondi Beach for a refreshing swim. Just remember to swim between the flags and always stay within sight of a lifeguard as ocean waters can be dangerous. On weekends you could also walk from Bondi to Coogee for stunning coastal views!

2. Arrive early

Sydney, Australia, is well known for basking in its warm sun. But Sydney also has a wild side: summer storms often bring torrential downpours to this sub-tropical city.

Arrive early for your international flight to Sydney so that you have time to clear immigration and customs, the airport recommends arriving three hours in advance to give yourself enough time to grab your bags and find your terminal.

Sydneysiders love food, which means the city is filled with neighborhood cafes and waterfront dining establishments serving delicious fare. Sydney is also home to an exciting craft beer and cocktail scene and innovative dishes blending modern tastes with indigenous ingredients.

Tipping isn’t standard in restaurants or bars, but if you received outstanding service consider leaving at least 10 percent as a tip. Be sure to bring an umbrella as storms often pass over this coastal city with unpredictable weather patterns.

3. Take public transport

Sydney boasts an outstanding public transport system consisting of buses, trains, light rail and ferries that is both efficient and economical. When combined with an Opal card – which you can purchase at various retailers like newsagents or convenience stores as well as airports and train stations – getting around is both straightforward and affordable. Just tap your card on each trip you take or when disembarking to pay!

Taxis are another great option in Sydney; while there are plenty available, during peak season from October to March they tend to fill quickly; it is best to book them ahead using Transport for NSW website which makes the booking process easy.

Taxis can be easily hail on the street if their light is illuminated, or from secure taxi ranks in urban areas. Tips aren’t customary in Australia as is is in other countries; however a 5 to 10% tip would always be appreciated.

4. Book a cab

One of the best things to do while visiting Sydney is take a cab ride. These affordable and convenient services can easily be booked using their app; taxi shift changes occur every 3 pm and 3am so be sure to plan your time appropriately.

Tipping is not customary in Australia; however, 10% gratuity for services like food and beverages would be appreciated. Due to Australia’s relatively high minimum wage levels, however, tips are less prevalent here than elsewhere.

Silver Service taxis provide premium rides with fully endorsed Drivers at Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport into Sydney city center quickly, at an unbeatably affordable Price Guarantee. Get a quote in just one tap and experience first class transport service; perfect if travelling with family or need to arrive back by a certain time; booking ahead may also help avoid rush hour traffic!

5. Check out art galleries

Sydney may be best-known for its beaches and sporting events, but it also boasts an amazing collection of art galleries that will astonish and impress. Ranging from large national institutions to intimate boutique galleries – you’ll be sure to find something suitable to meet every taste and budget!

Visit MCA (often abbreviated as simply “MCA”) for an insight into contemporary Australian art. This museum presents rotating exhibits by internationally-recognized artists.

Powerhouse Museum is another fantastic way to view contemporary art in Sydney, offering both permanent and temporary exhibitions highlighting fashion, technology, innovation, design and more. This former power station provides visitors with an incredible glimpse of modern culture ranging from fashion, technology and innovation all the way through design and architecture.

Are you searching for Australia’s next big artist-run initiative? Check out Firstdraft – Australia’s oldest artist-run initiative. A favorite spot of local artist Claire Visitserngtrakul who considers it to be an incubator to some of the city’s emerging talent, it provides an ideal spot. Or for something different head over to Sophie Tea Gallery in Manly where local artist recently painted nudes of her Instagram followers in an effort to empower and show how art is accessible for all!

6. Stay in a central location

Sydney may be one of Australia’s more expensive cities, but that doesn’t have to be an impediment to budget travel. There are various strategies you can employ in order to reduce food and beverage expenditure; one key one being staying near an urban centre; many trendy suburbs are walkable from there too!

No matter your caffeine preference – from tea to skinny soy caramel decaf latte, Sydney offers numerous coffee shops that serve superior caffeine products. Surry Hills in particular boasts an eclectic community of media, hospitality, and fashion professionals sipping on artisanal blends in industrial chic warehouse settings.

Take part in Australia’s oldest living culture on an Aboriginal walking tour or visit an art gallery featuring contemporary indigenous artists. Sydney’s national parks provide the ideal way to escape the concrete jungle and hike among eucalypts; alternatively head for one of Sydney’s many secluded beaches like Milk Beach with its white sand. After sundown settle in for a picnic and movie screening at an outdoor cinema.

7. Stay away from rush hour

Sydney is one of Australia’s top backpacking destinations, boasting beaches, culture, and iconic landmarks to see – no wonder it tops most travelers’ bucket lists! However, this can be an expensive city and so it is wise to plan accordingly and know how you can save.

Sydney stands apart from many other big cities by making it acceptable to ride taxis in the front seat, even when traveling alone. In many other countries this would be considered rude; to avoid rush hour traffic efficiently it’s best to catch one early or late in the day.

To gain more insight into Sydney’s history and culture, the art galleries and museums should not be missed. With their new expansion at Art Gallery of NSW doubling its floorspace alone. If you wish to delve further into local Aboriginal culture there are various walks that offer guided lessons in their traditions; whether that means hearing ancient creation stories from Aboriginal tribes or meeting giraffes at Taronga Zoo there’s sure to be something here that suits everyone!

8. Don’t forget to shop

Sydney, the capital of Australia and one of its premier tourist destinations, boasts plenty of things to see and do. Here you will find world-class restaurants, iconic beaches and plenty of places for shopping – here are some tips that can help maximize your visit to Sydney!

Start your day at Circular Quay to visit some of Sydney’s main sights, like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Enjoy dining at an eatery with breathtaking waterfront views or take part in one of many backstage tours for some off-stage fun!

Are you shopping for souvenirs in Australia? Why not purchase some Eucalyptus leaf jewellery as souvenirs? Necklaces, earrings and brooches made of the iconic leaves have long been sold as popular pieces at stores throughout Sydney region. Eucalyptus leaves are native Australian species which make the perfect representational tokens.

Remember to try Tim Tams, an Australian chocolate-dipped wafer cookie exclusive to Australia. These sweet treats can be found in most stores and make great souvenirs back home! Additionally, don’t miss the local artisan coffees – in fact, Starbucks left after eight years trying to enter this market!

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