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4 Great Mosques to Notice in Dubai


While visiting Dubai, you find a wide array of masjids constructed with the Islamic-inspired artistic designs making them worth-visiting places, so you should also consider exploring them and get yourself familiar with the great Islamic civilization.Additionally, each grand masjid have attractive and large halls for prayer and the giant minarets also attract people, so capture everything via camera during your masjids’ visits in Dubai and you also explore the lecture halls in all the grand masjids.

During this amazing spiritual journey, you discover the way Islam has profound roots in the culture of this amazing country, so begin the mission and before you come out on road, have a quality research on the internet and this piece helps you for that. Followings are some of the grand mosques in this most developed city, so check one by one and make your spiritual ride more ideal.

1-Jumeirah Masjid

It is situated at the center of Jumeirah and because of its impressive design, it is the must-see masjid visited by dozens of people every day and it was constructed back in the 1976 and since then it is taken care of perfectly by the authorities. Additionally, the Fatimid style derived from Iraq and Syria makes this masjid more appealing, so nothing should stop you from visiting this beautiful spiritual place first. In the excitement of searching great masjids on the internet, you should also be well aware of leading airlines to ensure the travel that gets you the hassle-free experience every time you plan a trip. While being flooded with so many options, you find Qatar Airways chanting to avail its services and rightly so because of its professionalism, so go for it with the Qatar Airways discount code.

2-Al Salam Masjid

It also exists among the leading mosques that lets Muslims pray 5 times in a day with the top-quality amenities right from the well-designed ablution area to the wide prayer hall equipped with the top-class interior setting. Additionally, the Arabic writing at the stained glass gives this masjid more impressive look and that is not all, you also get inspired of well-designed domes and the prayer halls installed with the quality marbles, so you should also explore this premier spiritual place.

3-Abdul Rahman Siddique Masjid

This worth-visiting holy spot is famous as the ideally constructed masjid and it manifests the Islamic culture and its history in a precise manner, so do explore this place and get to know more interesting Islamic roots in this most developed country. You can go through the most attractive prayer halls having the Islamic-inspired marble art making it more amazing holy place to discover.

4-Khalifa Al Tajer Masjid

This masjid has also been built with the aim of manifesting Islamic history and culture in a more impressive way turning this spot the must-explore too for everyone. The green material of this masjid makes it more attractive and the solar-friendly building design makes this spiritual spot more ecofriendly, so you cannot let it go un-visited.

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